Greek Yoghurt – Benefits and Side Effects

Greek Yoghurt is a common food in the Mediterranean regions as well as some Asian countries. It is basically a strained form of yoghurt which is made by filtering the whey out of the yoghurt. This process is followed to ensure that yoghurt retains its benefits and also maintains its acidic and creamy taste. It is lot less sweet in taste and offers plenty of health benefits for everyone.

Greek Yogurt Health Benefits and Nutrition

Greek yoghurt has many benefits and is much healthier than plain yoghurt. Get an overview of its nutrients to know what makes it so beneficial for the body.

Picture of Greek Yoghurt

Picture 1 – Greek Yoghurt

High Protein

Protein is very important for building muscles and repairing muscular wear and tear. It is present in very high amounts in Greek yoghurt. This is obviously good news for vegetarians who can obtain their dose of proteins by consuming this food.


Calcium is important for upkeep and proper functioning of bones, teeth and heart. Yoghurt is a rich source of this mineral. Adding this into your diet would help fulfill the calcium requirements of your body and keep it healthy.

Low Sodium

High salt intake tends to increase blood pressure which might lead to heart ailments. It also leads to many other problems. Due to this reason, foods having low sodium content are more preferred. Greek Yoghurt has almost 50 % less sodium content than normal yogurt. This makes it a viable option for consumers worldwide. Even with less sodium the substance retains its rich creamy taste which is one of the reasons why the USDA has approved it.

8 oz of this milk product comprise:

  • Calories-134
  • Protein-24g
  • Calcium- 27%

Greek Yogurt Health Benefits for Women

Calcium is an important source of nourishment for women. Although it is important for both the sexes, calcium is more important for women who tend to be at major psychological and physiological risk in the absence of this mineral. Many women complain of Osteoporosis (a fatal disease of the bones that leads to fractures at minor falls) while suffering from a deficiency of calcium. Greek yogurt contains high amount of calcium and its intake helps improve bone mass.

Calcium is required by women in various stages of life, especially during pregnancy. Their physical need for calcium doubles up as the growth of fetus is dependent on calcium consumption. Calcium-rich foods, such as Greek yogurt, should be made integral to the diet of pregnant women to let them derive maximum health benefits. This type of yogurt is also supposed to reduce the risk of Vaginitis, a common ailment in women (especially during summer season).

Greek Yogurt Benefits for Men

Men, just like women, need this dairy product for a number of reasons. Men require protein-rich food for building muscle in their body. This yogurt makes good snacks, devoid of calories, which help reduce fat and improve libido. Bad quality of sperm is a major cause of male infertility. This can be improved by consumption of zinc, in the form of yogurt.

Greek Yogurt Benefits for Weight Loss

According to a recent study, a high calcium diet helps shed abdominal fat more easily. Studies have proven the efficacy of this calcium-rich food in shedding excess weight. In many cases, weight loss is often accompanied with muscle loss. However, incorporating this food item into your daily diet can help you reduce unwanted kilos without degrading your muscle tissues. This protein-rich food keeps you satiated for much longer.

Greek Yogurt Benefits for Skin

Protein is a nutrient essential for natural repairing of cells. Greek yogurt is one of the richest sources of protein. Bad diet is one of the primary causes of an aged appearance of skin. Protein intake, in the form of this yogurt, helps repair skin cells of the face and body and retain skin glow. Adequate amounts of protein help the skin maintain its elasticity, thus allowing it to retain its youthfulness for long.

Greek Yogurt Benefits for Hair

Yogurt, in strained form, is ideal for healthy hair. It lends volume to hair without adding sugar or calories to the body. Proteins are highly essential for adding luster and beauty to your mane. The consumption of this food as well as its external application on hair strands benefits hair. The food can be mixed with other conditioning agents, such as honey, to prepare a mask that imparts a healthy glow and soft texture to the hair.

Greek Yogurt Benefits for Constipation

If you are pained by difficult bowel movements, yogurt is necessary. Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics, which form in fermented food items such as this. Probiotics are that help eliminate problems such as constipation and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBD). These are beneficial microorganisms which help alleviate intestinal problems by aiding digestion.

Greek Yogurt Benefits in Daily Diet

A healthy diet helps prevent many adverse health conditions. Including this food into your diet can boost your immunity and relieve a number of symptoms.

Probiotic foods can help you recuperate faster from serious illnesses. An intake of antibiotic medications often destroys the beneficial bacteria in the system. This can be remedied by a healthy dosage of this type of yogurt.

Individuals suffering from lactose intolerance, due to the absence of a certain enzyme in their system, can benefit from this yogurt as it is well-suited for the body.

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

There seems to be a positive acceptance of Greek yogurt when compared to regular one as it is thicker and less sweet. The former is strained to eliminate lactose, whey and sugar, which results in its creamier texture. It is easily digested due to the presence of probiotic cultures and has the goodness of protein and fewer carbohydrates.

Greek Yogurt during Pregnancy

A well balanced diet is very important during pregnancy for proper nourishment of the fetus and the would-be mother. Greek yogurt has many nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamins (in fewer quantities) which helps an woman and her baby gain strength and nutrition.

Greek Yogurt Side Effects

Although this strained yogurt has numerous health benefits, it also involves some side effects.

Image of Greek Yoghurt

Picture 2 – Greek Yoghurt Image

  • In rare cases, some people might suffer from consuming this yogurt as it contains bacteria. Gas problems in the stomach can be noted although they are not of an extreme nature.
  • Although extremely uncommon, the presence of bacteria might lead to infections. However, this only happens if Greek yogurt is taken in large quantities in unfavorable health conditions. It is safe to exercise moderation while consuming this food.
  • While it is mostly easily digested, this food may give rise to digestion problems in some individuals. Some of the yogurt brands might not suit your system. Thus, it is important to choose your brand wisely. This yogurt is also expensive which can make can it a little difficult to be taken in on a regular basis.


Greek yogurt helps improve overall health. A powerful recipe with Blueberries, sunflower seeds and cereals added to this food makes a lovely and healthy breakfast dish which will keep you charged all day long. Natural products should be included in plenty into your regular diet. If you wish to consume this food, it would be best to seek help from a professional who can guide you with the right brand and dosage.



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