Hiccups after Anesthesia

Hiccups refer to discomforting muscular contractions that are a common problem. They occur when a muscle at the base of the lungs (Diaphragm) gets irritated and undergoes involuntary movements. Administration of anesthetics, as a pre-operative procedure, is one of the most common causes of hiccoughs in many individuals. Read and know in detail why hiccoughs arise after anesthesia treatment.

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Infective Endocarditis

Infective Endocarditis (IE) is a condition that is characterized by inflammations of the inner lining of the heart. Read on to find out more about the types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Infective Endocarditis Definition

It can be defined as a form of inflammation or Endocarditis that affects the inner tissue or the inner lining of the heart and the valves. It is caused by several infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi and other forms of microbes. Infectious agents attack the heart and valves by entering through the blood stream. It leads to scarring of valve tissue and development of holes or growths on the valves. Without proper treatment, the disorder can prove to be fatal.

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Anserine Bursitis

Are you suffering from a persistent case of pain, inflammation, and tenderness in your inner knee area? The problem could be Anserine Bursitis. Read on and know all about this muscle disorder, including its various causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

What is Anserine Bursitis?

It is an inflammatory condition of the inner (medial) knee at the bursa of the pes anserinus. It is a common problem in patients who have tight hamstrings and anterior knee pain. A bursa is a sac filled with fluid which helps in reducing the friction between two adjoining structures. The pes anserine bursa is located between the tendons of three muscles (sartorius, gracilis and semi tendinosis) and the broad ligament which runs across the inside of the knee joint. The pen anserine bursa is found at the top of the shin bone and just underneath the knee joint on the inside of the shin.

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Goldenhar Syndrome

Goldenhar Syndrome (GS) is a complicated condition that is characterized by the structural malformation of the face of babies. Read on to find out all about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options of the disorder.

Goldenhar Syndrome Definition

It is a congenital disorder characterized by insufficient development of various body parts including the nose, ears, lips, soft palate and mandible. This condition is associated with an abnormal development of both the first and second branchial arch. It is generally clinically manifested by preauricular skin tags, limbal dermoids and strabismus.

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Dacryocystitis is a type of eye infection that causes mild to acute discomfort in the eyes. Know all about this infection – its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, possible treatment options and more.

Dacryocystitis Definition

Also known as Inflamed Tear Ducts and Tear Duct Infection, it is an ocular infection that affects the tear ducts or the tear sac (Lachrymal sac) in one or both eyes. It causes excessive tearing and redness of the infected eye. This infection affects both males and females alike. People from all age groups may be affected by this condition although it is more common in infants. Adults may also develop this infection.

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Coccydynia is a rare orthopedic disorder that results in pain at the bottom of the spine. Get detailed information about the symptoms, causes, types and treatment options for the disorder.

Coccydynia Definition

The condition is manifested by an inflammation of the triangular bony structure, called tailbone or coccyx, located at the bottom of the vertebral column. It is an extremely bothersome problem associated with acute discomfort at the tip of the coccyx between the buttocks. It is generally a sign of an underlying condition. The disease affects females more than the males.

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Facet Syndrome

Facet Syndrome (FS) is one of the most common causes of spinal osteoarthritis or spondylosis in individuals over the age of 50. Read and find out all about this orthopedic condition, including its types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Facet syndrome Definition

It is a severe form of back pain that is triggered by the deterioration of the facet joints or zygapophysial joints. A facet joint is a synovial joint that is present between the superior articular process of one vertebra and the inferior articular process of the above vertebra. These bony structures are responsible for connecting one vertebra of the backbone to the other to facilitate movement of the back and neck in different directions. They are sometimes called “points of articulation” between adjacent spinal vertebrae.

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Are you experiencing anxiety, restlessness and other similar problems along with a cool, pale skin? Watch out, for it may be a case of Hemothorax that you are having. Find out all about this traumatic chest condition, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Hemothorax Definition

It is a condition marked by the accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity – the space between the lung and the chest wall.

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Do you experience a piercing pain in the chest while having your meals? Watch out, for you may be having a neuromuscular disease known as Odynophagia. Read and find out all about this condition, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment procedures.

Odynophagia Definition

It is a condition marked by acute pain on swallowing solid foods and fluids. It is often accompanied by Dysphagia – a disorder characterized by difficulties or discomforts in swallowing. Odynophagia is usually more pronounced in individuals with a serious of esophageal disorders and is often misinterpreted by the patients as “Angina pectoris”.

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Trichinosis is a common food-borne illness that affects a large group of individuals due to a lack of food hygiene and awareness. Read and find out all about this condition, including its symptoms, causes, diagnosis treatment and complications.

Trichinosis Definition

This is a dreadful infection caused by a species of roundworm called Trichinella spiralis that occurs in rats, pigs, bears and humans as a nematode parasite. It is often mistaken as “Trichomoniasis”, which is actually a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis.

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